Lauri Burns

Inspirational Speaker and Author of Punished for Purpose

Can you imagine what would your life be like if you had the courage and core belief that you could accomplish anything? That everything in available to you and all you need do is simply choose it?

Lauri is a renowned inspirational speaker who travels the map telling her inspirational life story in the hope to heal the hearts of people everywhere.

For the past fifteen years she has been inspiring audiences with her heartfelt story of courage, forgiveness, love and success. Lauri is an inspirational speaker, an Author, a fortunate 100 executive and business owner, The Founder of The Teen Project and has fostered 30 at risk youth in her personal home. In the past five years she has shared her heartfelt story at over 240 venues.

As a professional speaker, Lauri has designed and presented programs to universities, fortune 500 companies, educational conferences, and professional associations.

A few of the many places that have featured Lauri:

  • People Magazine
  • Family Circle Magazine
  • Your Teen Magazine
  • Huffington Post
  • Orange County Business Journal
  • KIIS FM, Jesse Lazano
  • KFI 640, The Bill Handel Show 
  • Headline News
  • Jewish Journal
  • Trinity Broadcast Network
  • Univision
  • The LA Observer
  • Hollywood Up and Close
  • The LA Business Journal
  • Parent Talk on KWMR
  • Seattle’s Morning News
  • All YOU magazine
  • Los Angeles Wave, KTTV
  • Good Day LA

Lauri’s fees vary from engagement to engagement – the lowest fee for a nearby talk taking a half-day or less and the highest fee for a presentation involving a multi-day trip, international travel and/or a significant preparation effort. Her speaking fee will also vary if an engagement involves multiple events or otherwise entails additional services. Our standard practice is that fees are quoted as \”fee plus expenses,\” (air travel, lodging, rental car and so on).

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